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PST2GB.EXE: Microsoft Inbuilt Tool to Split Oversized PST Files

For those people who are using Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions, the biggest problem with this application is PST files getting oversized. Users continue to store large amount of data like journal, calendar entries, appointments etc which in turn increases the size of the personal storage tables considerably. The maximum size up to which the PST files are able to work properly is 2GB and once this limit is exceeded, the Outlook begins to work slowly and often hangs while accessing certain data. If the problem is not rectified, then it can even corrupt the files which in turn can lead to serious data loss kind of situation. To get rid of this problematic scenario, you can split the oversized PST files with the help of PST2GB.EXE tool.

PST2GB.EXE is a free crop utility tool provided by Microsoft and comes installed with every version of Outlook on Windows operating system. When the user gets error messages on their computer screen due to PST file being oversized, they try running the Scanpst.exe tool to fix the problem. But it fails to rectify the situation and it is because it has its own share of limitations and can repair files that are within 2GB limit. So, in this situation, Scanpst.exe would be rendered useless and the problem would remain as it is. To solve the oversized issue, one would have to split the large file into the respective smaller ones and it is manually not possible. To make this task easier, users would have to take the help of PST2GB.EXE application that truncates the size of the grown up personal storage tables into tiny bits.

If users are unable to locate this free PST Split software on their PC, then they can download it free of cost from the official website of Microsoft. This utility application does the splitting work after cutting a certain amount of data from the original file. So it is advised that users concerned should first make a complete backup of the file before running this free splitting software from Microsoft. In order to run PST2GB.EXE to split the oversized file, users first need to close all the open applications on their system. Select the file that you wish to split and once the splitting is completed, it is advised to scan and repair the newly created file with Microsoft Scanpst.exe tool. Once the process is completed, the user can access all the data without any kind of problems.

However there are certain limitations of this tool and they are mentioned below:

  • to make a new copy of the .pst files, the user must have at least 2 GB or more space in the hard disk of the system to store the newly created data.
  • The tool will only work for 2GB PST files. It cannot split PST files that are more than 2GB
  • Since it deletes certain amount of data from the personal storage tables, if user has not made proper backup earlier, they might have to face data loss kind of situation
  • the splitting process is time consuming and it make take 4-8 hours to complete the process

If you don't want to wait for such a long time or the Pst2GB.exe tool is unable to split the file or you are afraid of considerable amount of data being deleted from the oversized file, then there is another better alternative available. Download Split PST File Software that is a powerful 3rd party tool that can split and trim the file into the smaller ones using powerful algorithms. It can break large PST as large as 20GB into smaller ones and that too without consuming a lot of time. It is easy to use and is compatible with all versions of Outlook and Windows operating system.   Privacy Policy   Disclaimer   Contact us

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